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As weather warms, ant activity increases in the Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio areas, meaning more ants will begin looking for food and water in your home or business, so ants are your worst springtime nightmare. And if you see one ant in your home or business, there are likely more to follow because ants leave an invisible chemical trail to attract other ants to a food source. Contact us or call 830.816.5005 and we can give you personalized help to prevent or stop an ant infestation.

Common Ants That We Can Help With:

Red Imported Fire Ant

Close your eyes and picture an ant. Red imported fire ants are probably the ants that you’re picturing, as they are the most common invasive pest in Texas. These ants can be a real pain because they are constantly breeding and are always looking for the next thing they can eat. Luckily, Go Away Pest Control has cutting-edge pest-control products and techniques that can help bar your home or business against these prolific pests.

Pharaoh Ant

This ant is also known as a “sugar ant,” and is the most commonly-occurring indoor ant in Texas. These ants are attracted to sweets, cakes, breads and greasy/fatty foods, and often like to hide in your light sockets, potted plants, wall voids and really any warm crack or crevice that’s indoor and close to a water source. Luckily, with the help of Go Away Pest Control, we’ll be able to find these ants’ hiding spots and keep them off of your property for good.

We here at Go Away Pest Control are always at the cutting edge of pest-control methods and technology, and with our staff’s many years of expertise, we are well equipped to handle any ant problems plaguing your home or business. If you see any signs of the ants mentioned above, or any types not mentioned, contact us or call 830.816.5005 to take your first step toward an ant-free home.