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Fleas and ticks are an every-day problem in Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio; these vicious parasites can be present year round in the constant warmth of the Texas climate, in which they thrive. These pests can be a danger to both pets and humans alike, as their saliva can cause allergic reactions and bacterial infections on the skin of your pets and they can carry diseases like tapeworms and bartonella, infecting pets and humans alike.

In addition to making sure your pet undergoes treatments to resist fleas, you also want to be sure that your home or business doesn’t foster an environment that encourages these parasites to thrive, and Go Away Pest Control can help with that.

We’re natives to the Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio area and have been in the pest-control game for many years, so we stay up to date on all of the newest and most-effective pest-prevention methods and technologies. Take the step toward keeping your home and your furry friends safe, comfortable and disease-free by contacting us or calling 830.816.5005 to set up a consultation and get personalized pest-control treatment.