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Do you hear a buzzing?

You’re trying to work and then its there in your ear, just out of your line of sight, distracting you even after you’ve swatted it away innumerable times. Flies may be annoying, but the dangers they pose go far beyond distracting you from your work. Before finding its way into your home or business, a fly will have found its way into a number of nasty things, including garbage, excrement and other bacteria-riddled objects. Next thing you know, they’re landing on the rim of your coffee cup, rubbing their little hands together as they rub god knows what on the edge of your cup. Flies carry with them a number of diseases, including cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, salmonella and E. coli bacteria, potentially infecting your home or business and the people within it.

You can help prevent an infestation by properly disposing of all waste, keeping your doors and windows closed, washing dishes efficiently and properly storing food, but that’s not always going to be enough to keep flies, and the dangers that come with them, out of your home or business completely.

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