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These resilient bugs have likely found their way into every Texas home in existence, and they won’t be stopping any time soon. Roaches have a preference for warm environments, so Texas’ sweltering climate is the perfect condition for them to thrive and find their way toward the food sources within your home or business. As our staff has lived in the Boerne area for many years, we here at Go Away Pest Control know about the plague that roaches can bring to a Boerne, Bulverde or San Antonio home or business, so we work to stay on the cutting edge of roach-control technology, using the safest and most-effective methods to make sure your home or business is free from the hazards of roach infestation. Contact us or call 830.816.5005 to receive personalized treatment to cut roaches from your home today.

Common Roaches That We Can Help With:

German Cockroach

These predominantly-indoor pests prefer the wet, humid environments of your kitchen and bathroom, but the trouble doesn’t stop with them finding their way to these places. Once inside your home or business, the German Cockroach will begin to reproduce, multiplying to over 30,000 roaches living in your home or business within a year. 

American Cockroach

These are the largest types of roaches found in American homes and businesses, lurking in dark, humid places like your roof voids, attics and laundry rooms. Once in your home or business, these guys won’t be leaving any time soon, as they have a lifespan of up to two years, the longest lifespan of most roaches.

Oriental Cockroach

This roach, also commonly known as a “water bug” or “black beetle,” gives off a distinctive foul and musty smell and thrives, like the boogeyman, in the dark, damp places in your home or business such as drains, attics and sinks. 

Sure, these roaches don’t sting or bite, but they can transmit diseases, worsen allergies, contaminate food and damage your belongings. Go Away Pest Control is locally owned, and with our intimate knowledge of the Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio areas plus our years of expertise, we have just the tools that you need to get roaches out of your home or business. Keep your space clean and free of creepy crawlers by contacting us or calling 830.816.5005 to set up a consultation today.