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At Go Away Pest Control, we are firm believers in applying natural and chemical free methods to control pests. But did you know that we also offer a natural and chemical free way to have a beautiful and healthy lawn and plants? With the use of naturally occurring microbes, your lawn and plants will be healthier, have a longer life and be able to handle the stress of drought better. Go Away Pest Control soil amendment and restoration is available at a budget-friendly price.

What is soil restoration?

Most of us probably remember botany lessons that taught the principles of healthy soil. Many of us remember the “Dust Bowel”, a tragic event that was the result of poor soil practices. Rotating crops and letting fields lie fallow in order to recover are lessons many of us have heard about – even those of us who are not farmers. The health of your lawn and garden is a micro example of how letting nature and healthy practices promote positive soil.

By initiating soil restoration in lawn and garden practices, we are simply promoting natural organic activity that converts living and non-living material into a form that plants can use and benefit the most from. Soil restoration through the use of naturally occurring microbes also helps heal soil that has been overchemicalized by the use of fertilizers.

At Go Away Pest Control, our soil restoration and remediation application promotes healthier and prettier lawns and gardens by:

  • Increasing plant health and resilience, even through drought and stress
  • Increasing the life span of plants and lawns
  • Eliminating the over application of harmful chemicals and fertilizers
  • Using nature’s own prerogatives to promote healthy soil

When you think about creating a beautiful lawn and garden, don’t fertilize! Contact Go Away Pest Control to learn how to restore and extend your plants and lawn growth the healthy and organic way.