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Most people love the sound of birds chirping blissfully in the morning, but most people don’t realize that there are a number of health hazards and property damages that can come from those chirping birds. We here at Go Away Pest Control want you to have the best of both worlds: peaceful mornings without the dangers of disease and property damage. Using our 35+ years of experience with humane critter and pest-control technology and procedures, we aim to deter birds from damaging your property or relocate problem birds if necessary. Contact us or call 830.816.5005 to get local pest-control help in the Boerne, Bulverde, and San Antonio areas. 

Health Hazards

Though birds are beautiful and majestic, you shouldn’t get too close to them. Birds can carry over forty types of parasites and can host over sixty types of diseases, which can be passed onto humans through their feces. 

Property Damage

Bird droppings pose more problems than just spreading diseases; they can also cause damage to industrial equipment and eat away at substances like roofs. Additionally, birds build nests that can cause damage to gutters, harm air conditioners and pose a fire hazard. 

Go Away Pest Control is always working to stay on the cutting edge of pest-control technology and procedures, and by using bird-abatement products, such as netting, electrical ledge deterrents and bird slides, we will humanely deter birds from damaging your home or business and introducing the people inside to diseases. Contact us or call 830.816.5005 to get pest-control help from right in your backyard!