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These furry little bandits run the perfect con to get into your home, with their adorably-masked eyes, perfect for scoping out your property for food and garbage to scavenge. However, their fluffy fur harbors a number of parasites and diseases, they’ve been known to bite and can carry rabies. Often times, humans can be fooled by a raccoon’s cute appearance and might even begin to feed them, causing them to lose their fear of humans and even to move into their homes. Once a raccoon finds their way into a home, though, they can be very destructive and difficult to remove.

Enter Go Away Pest Control, a locally-owned pest-control company serving the Boerne, Bulverde, and San Antonio areas. Raccoons are curious, unique, and intelligent animals, so we will always aim to humanely capture and relocate these clever critters to a more appropriate habitat. Contact us or call 830.816.5005 to get pest-control help from our experienced staff from right in your backyard!