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Disney didn’t quite get it right; it’s not safe for a rat to take up residence in your kitchen, or any part of your home, for that matter. Nonetheless, rodents are likely to look for warmth in your home during the winter, and without proper pest control, they could spread diseases and chew up anything they can get their teeth on. That’s why you need Go Away Pest Control, a locally-owned pest-control company serving the Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio areas. Contact us or call 830.816.5005 if Remy the rat keeps finding his way into your kitchen. 

Common Rodents That We Can Help With:

Norway Rat

This rat is on the larger end of the spectrum in the rodent family. With scruffy brown fur peppered with black, it might seem harmless, but it will get into your pantry, chew up your belongings and infect your food. 

Roof Rat

These little fellas are darker brown with a lighter underbelly, and they can often be found climbing trees to try to enter your home through your roof. 

House Mouse

These critters are going to be smaller than the rats mentioned above, so they will likely try to enter your home or business through small openings and crevices in your building’s foundation. Go Away Pest Control can inspect and close up any such openings, so these mice won’t be able to get in in the first place. 

Go Away Pest Control’s 35+ years of experience gives us the expertise to manage any rodent problem that you are having. We are locally-owned and serve the Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio areas, and we always stay up to date on the most effective, humane and eco-friendly pest-control technologies and procedures so that we’re fully capable of ethically serving our community. Contact us or call 830.816.5005 to get help from the pest-control experts!