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What’s that smell? If you’ve lived in Texas, you’ve probably smelled that telltale stench of a skunk’s spray at some point or another. Skunks are generally not aggressive creatures, but when they feel threatened, they will defend themselves by spraying a smelly oil from a gland under their tails. This odor can linger for days and is hard to cover up. On top of this, skunks like to dig through your yard and may damage your home in their quest to find food and water. Though skunks can definitely be a pain, they are shy creatures that generally mean no harm, and we here at Go Away Pest Control don’t plan to do them any harm either. With 35+ years of experience, we have the newest and most-humane technologies and procedures to capture and relocate these stinky fellas. 

3 Types of Skunks You’re Likely to Encounter:

Striped Skunks

Usually about the size of a house cat, these black-colored skunks are the largest of any skunk species. These critters will likely be found right in your backyard, as they tend to hang out in suburban neighborhoods and root through peoples’ trash. 

Hog-Nosed Skunks

With long claws and snouts, these critters are excellent diggers and will root through the soil to find food. In the wild, that’s fine; but in your yard, not so much. These skunks can wreak havoc on your yard if left to their own devices, but luckily Go Away Pest Control has cutting-edge technology and pest-control practices to make sure that your yard stays skunk-free. 

Spotted Skunks

These smaller skunks are often seen hanging out in trees, searching for bugs to eat and scoping out your home for entry points and food to scavenge. 

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