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Manage Pests the Natural Way

At Go Away Pest Control, we believe in beneficially altering the ecosystem with a naturally-friendly, ecologically-based system that discourages and prevents pests with a minimal risk to humans, beneficial plants and organisms and the environment. It’s called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and it involves taking advantage of tools such as organic and biological control, habitat manipulation and the establishment of plant varieties that discourage specific pests.

IPM is a long-term solution that uses natural solutions like implementing plants and grasses that deter nuisance pests, installing pest-resistant growth and using tools such as caulking cracks that allow pests to enter homes and businesses. Steps that Go Away Pest Control uses to accomplish these goals include:

  • Identifying which pests are present
  • Employing “natural enemies” such as beneficial competitors to control pests
  • Identifying and correcting practices that encourage certain pests
  • Using a variety of methods to manage the area
  • Applying chemicals as a last resort in a minimal way to reduce harm to people and the environment

At Go Away Pest Control, our first goal is to eliminate problem pests from your home and business. Once we’ve accomplished that, we can turn our focus to a more sustainable program for keeping pests away in a people-friendly and environmentally-friendly way.

Because we feel strongly that the answer to pest control is not to spray harmful chemicals freely and constantly around your home or business, we are strong proponents of using this system that reinforces and alleviates the existing ecosystem by creating circumstances that favor plant growth while discouraging the return of pests. At Go Away Pest Control, our method prevents problems before they occur.

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