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pest control

At Go Away Pest Control, we have a number of services to fit your individual pest control needs. Contact us or call 830.816.5005 to speak with us about any of our treatments and plans to start your journey to safer, cleaner environment.

residential pest control

Residential Treatments and Plans

Our staff and company is native to the Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio areas, so we know about the many issues that pests can cause in a Central-Texas home. We want your home to be as clean and safe as possible, and by staying on the cutting edge of pest-control technology and applying a thorough and systematic approach to guarding your space, we can help ensure that you and your family have a pest-free environment to live in. 

commercial pest control

Commercial Treatments and Plans

The first step to a thriving business is cleanliness, but the presence of bugs and other critters doesn’t put forth the picture of health, safety and success. By working with Go Away Pest Control, you can have the help you need to protect your customers, your employees and your business itself from the dangers of pests in the workplace. We’re the pest-control experts of the Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio areas, so contact us today!

industrial pest control

Industrial Treatments and Plans

Go Away Pest Control specializes in keeping your storage facilities and industrial sites free of pests. With our certification in Industrial Pest Control, we can keep pests away from your workspace to ensure the health of your employees and the safety of your equipment. We’re the pest-control experts of the Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio areas, so contact us to ensure the safety of your facility!

hospital pest control

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Patients, first and foremost, expect cleanliness from their hospitals and healthcare facilities. Pests can hinder the safety of your patients as well as their trust in your facility, so it’s important to keep your space clean and pest free. Go Away Pest Control’s team of certified and licensed pest-control experts care about having a high-level of sanitation and documentation in everything we do, so you can feel safe putting your healthcare facility in our hands.

humane critter removal

Humane Critter Removal

We love and cherish all of nature’s furry friends; we just don’t want them to disturb your home or business. Therefore, we’ll protect you by capturing any uninvited guests lurking on your property, and we’ll also guard our furry friends by humanely relocating them to an area free of humans, where they can thrive in their own homes in the wilderness. Get help from the critter-removal experts of the Boerne, Bulverde and San Antonio areas.

quarterly pest control

Quarterly Treatment (Recommended)

As the weather changes, so do the pests found in your Boerne, Bulverde or San Antonio home or business. As the pests change, so do our treatment techniques. To keep up with the ever-changing landscape of pests throughout the year, we want to make sure we’re visiting you each time the seasons change with our Quarterly Pest Control Treatment plan. Four times a year, we’ll have one of our highly-qualified staff members stop by to ask you questions about your pest-control issues, inspect your property and provide interior and exterior treatment that is specialized to your specific needs. By staying on the cutting edge of newest and most ethical pest-control products, we can make sure that your property has year-round protection.

pest control treatment

One-Time Consultation and Treatment

If you’ve got commitment issues, we also offer a one-time consultation and treatment. We hope, after experiencing the quality of our service first hand, you’ll take the next step and enroll in a Quarterly Treatment Plan.